Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Remove Cigarette Odor

If you are not a smoker and have ever bought a house or car from a smoker or stayed in a hotel room after someone who smokes, you will well be aware of the smoke residue that adheres to all surfaces in the house or room. Washing the walls is a testament to the sticky dregs left behind. If the smoke is like that on the walls then you know all surfaces are just as polluted. It could be quite a challenge to remove the cigarette smoke remains, especially because the vapors from cigarettes can travel into and through air ducts, door cracks, heating and cooling vents and even into light fixtures. 

Days and tons of money spent could be remedied much quicker and less expensively with an OdorFree ozone generator. New homeowners or car owners are not the only ones who could benefit from using the OdorFree ozone generator. Proprietors of rental homes, apartments, smoking bars and casinos will also reap the benefits from learning how to remove cigarette odor in all areas smoke vapors can travel. 

The OdorFree ozone generator is simple to use- simply place the unit in the area to be treated and close it off. Turn the generator on and let it run. Depending on how long the area has been exposed to cigarette use the amount of time may take only a few hours or it may take several days. If cigarette smoke has infiltrated the area for years, then the unit may have to run for two to three days. 


  1. i always avoid people and places with smoke.

  2. I hate smokes :( it always bothers me... Im glad nowadays good new products comes for smoke free house.

  3. It's a great tips, ever since i don't like cigarette just because i have asthma.

  4. I hate smoke and I tried to avoid people who smokes, second hand smoke inhalation is more dangerous you know.


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