Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cleveland Ohio

On our  daughter's  birthday, we went to Cleveland to  see their famous  Art Museum.  That was  my first and also my children's first time  seeing Cleveland.  Anyway, below are just some quick snaps I was able to capture   while we were coming near the museum.  Enjoy!

Thanks to the inventor of GPS, it always  helped us  to have a smooth journey whenever we go on a road trip.  Below are some  artistic display outside the  Cleveland  Museum of Art.
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  1. That's a cool-looking church. What a lovely community.

  2. The buildings on the way are quite ARTISTIC in ARCHITECTURE!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I enjoyed the trip past some of Cleveland's architectural landscape.

    ABC team

  4. love the architecture of the church, and also those metal scultpure in the art museum.

  5. gorgeous structures! i love looking at those too when we're on a road trip.

  6. The church is inviting. Very cool structures.

  7. It's a day filled with lovely structures. I say, I love museums since I moved here in Ireland. Dami din naman ksi dito.

  8. I love to snap photos while the hubby is driving, but we only have country settings here no buildings. There are some buildings in the little towns or cities though.


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