Sunday, June 30, 2013

Visiting our Beautiful Islands in the Philippines

The Philippines have everything – scenery, beaches, nature, shopping and mountains. There really is something for everyone!

Before I take my flight to the Philippines, I like to stay in an airport hotel. This means you’re relaxed enough to take it slowly and still make your flight, while ensuring a good night’s sleep beforehand.

Some say the best way to see the Philippines is by boat but in my opinion getting around by bicycle allows you to take in the islands at their best. Bike rental is plentiful and cheap no matter where you choose to stay.

There are several options in the Philippines and they all have their own unique offerings.


Cebu has something for everyone, from a family day trip to Olango Island bird sanctuary; to the mountain of Guba for hardcore bikers. Climb the foot of Mount Manunggal, with such steep inclines that even a four wheel drive would struggle to navigate. Style savvy and on-trend, this is a hot spot to visit.


Hang out in Loboc and hike or bike down its muddy scenic trails, or explore the challenging mountain bike rides up to Cruz Daku.


Shops are open from morning to late at night and in the bigger cities such as Manila you’ll find a whole host of trendy bars and restaurants catering to the younger crowd. Try some of the local dishes; a personal favourite is the delicious fresh mango. The cost of living is much lower than in the UK and you’ll find alcohol is much less expensive along with fresh crustaceans sold by the kilo if you fancy cooking back at your beach residence.

Resorts World in Pasay City is ideal for the high rollers with flash cars, all night casinos and the glitterati on every doorstep.

I like to sample everything on a trip to the Philippines – and believe me, there’s a lot to sample.

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