Sunday, June 30, 2013

Staffilino at St. Martins Ferry Ohio

These were taken at Staffilino Chevrolet Inc.  Dealership in St. Martins Ferry, Ohio when we bought our Chrysler Town and Country Van a couple of weeks ago.  Staffilino is the Ohio Valley's oldest Chevrolet Dealer.


I honestly did not think that we are going to buy the van that day.  This is one of those  major purchase that I really don't want to but I agreed because it is needed.  I guess, I just have to shake off this feeling  of stress of having a monthly  car loan payment starting   tomorrow.  Aside from that, the stress comes from the fact that I have to drive the van and I hate driving.  I am not comfortable and totally not confident  driving on the road.  Oh Boy!


  1. good pose mommy Rose if I am not wrong that car has a name on it I see Impala I spell right anyways your the model too.:-) I like white car my fav color.

  2. I remember we rented a Town & country van after my husband had a car accident. Pretty decent car. I like the space and the controls is stunning. I remember it was high ceiling, wide, and comfy seats. Cool car you have Rose. You are so brave to get a car loan for it.

  3. Congratulations, once again mommy Rose for the newly purchased van. You look good and your kids are adorable. :)

  4. Nice car, loves the model so charming..


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