Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Regular, Big, and Tall

When my husband was retiring from the service, we bought some formal clothes in anticipation of a possible career hunting.  After we assessed the situation, we decided that he  will not go back to work right away.  We figured that we did not get  enough quality time as a family when he was still in the service  so what he did was to go back to school.  At least in school, it's not everyday that he   not with us.  There were just time that he has to go to school but even then, it wasn't whole day. 

When he graduated, he luckily found a job  right away and he likes it that  they only have a polo shirt as uniform in their  company.  He can wear  jeans with it.  He is never fond of wearing  formal clothes like suit and tie, that kind of stuff.  He did however  wore suit and tie during his interviews.   Dickies Clothing is the kind of  work wear that my husband  likes and comfortable  in wearing.  I was looking at the different kinds of  work wear clothing online and found a lot of regular, big, and tall sizes at GL Clothing.  

The company that my husband works for now gave him a dozen of uniform so he will never run out even if I don't wash  each of them in a week hehehe.  The company even  provide free laundry for their employ's if they don't want to bring their dirty uniform at home.  


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