Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jasmine Gardenia

Lately, I am getting hooked in buying candles rather than buying any other types of air fresher. I have been trying different scents but so far my favorite is lavender and recently this Jasmine Gardenia.  They are very soothing when lit.  
Most of the time, I light them when I have a migraine.  The smells calms me down and it somehow helps in getting rid of my migraine.


  1. I am so jealous because floral fragrances is one of the triggers that causes me to get a migraine. I have some favorite candle fragrances though. One I like is Midsummer night dream by Yankee candles.

  2. I stopped using those plugins kasi mahal...ehehe...candles narin ako ngayon...mura lang kasi and it lasts fave is scent is lavender.

  3. We like candles in jars - it adds a warmth to the diner table on cold nights. That they can also work as air fresheners - a great idea of style, warmth and function!

  4. I love candles and enjoy the same fragences.

  5. i often have migraines too sis. i'm gonna try that jasmine scent one day, maybe it'll be good for me. visiting here for CC.

  6. eu gosto dessas velas aromáticas...beijos!


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