Friday, March 15, 2013


When we were  going home from school today, we dropped by at our  neighbor whom  we are very close to.  My kids  called these  couple their grandma and grandpa.  They treat my kids like their own grandchildren.  They played with them for about an hour before we came home.  

Our neighbor mentioned in our conversation that his friend is  very sick.  The doctor advised his friend to  quit smoking before his operation but he couldn't quit now he is so sick.  I told our neighbor that maybe, his friend would consider E-Cigs .  There are many  kinds of e-Cigs available nowadays, Nirvana 420  is one of them.  Nirvana 420 sells  herbal products so if you are into that kind of stuff, you should check them out.

On the other note, we visited my father-in-law yesterday and we  all talked about my  late brother-in-law.  It was around this time when he had he cancer surgery  and six  months after that, he passed away.  Smoking can really take a toll on your health if you do it excessively.   I am not a smoker so I don't know how hard it is to quit.  I guess, just like any addiction, it would take  self discipline and  determination in order to succeed in  treating it.

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