Friday, March 15, 2013

Mountain Engineered Bamboo Flooring

My husband is still trying to convince me that we should find us a  new house.  He  has given me so many reasons to  move out.  I am just really comfortable in  our location because it is near everything.  We are near from  every business and other establishments such as bank, post office, church, stores, gas stations, thrift store, my children's  doctor is just around the corner, and most especially it is near the school.  I have loved living in this house   especially that we have a very nice neighbors.  That is not something that you can easily find when you move.  I feel like we will be abandoning the very first house that we worked on so much.  We did some upgrades already here and I feel  so attached in this one.  

Glass Tile Modular Emperador Light Marble Stone Mosaic Backsplash AL850I told him the reasons why I don't want to move so now he wants to upgrade our kitchen.  He wants to  removed the old style of tiles on the wall and replace it with glass tiles to make it look modern.  I found some really  gorgeous kinds of glass tiles at  I also like their mountain engineered  bamboo kind of flooring.  Right now, South Shore Flooring has  a sale on their  glass tiles  plus a free shipping offer.  It would be a  perfect time to  buy them but unfortunately, I don't have budget for the said upgrade yet so it has to wait.

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