Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving is Exciting and Stressful at the Same Time

Do you see the  moving boxes  at this photo?  This photo was taken   more than four years ago when we are about to  move back here  in the mainland from South Korea.  Our neighbor  have relocated one week before us so the duplex house that we were both living  was vacant after we left.  

The military was the one who assigned the movers that would move all our  household stuff.  There's an advantage and disadvantage of being assigned a mover.  An advantage because you don't have to deal with it yourself but disadvantage because you can't really screen the movers.  A perfect example was when we were moving going to South Korea, we have stuff that got broken but  the company denied our claim when we filed it.  We can't do anything  but to accept  the fact that it got broken.

We got lucky  with the company that the military hired when we  were moving back here, the Koreans were pretty nice.  They even let  us  put some more stuff over our weight limit.  The great thing was nothing got broken with our stuff so we were very happy. 

Moving is such an exciting and at the same time stressful process for the family.   I am so glad that  we are done moving for now  especially  that our children are in school.  My husband's  retirement was a perfect timing for us to stay here but if circumstances will require us to move again, I wouldn't mind at all.  I love  exploring different places so  it's okay with me.  

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