Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coal Candy

 My daughter had this  in her treat bag  a couple of months ago.  They never ate it as they think coal candy is gross lol.  She did not throw it but instead used it as an ingredient in "her kitchen".
This Lent season, Mr. Burrito gave up eating chocolates and candies while Ms. Burrito drinks water instead of juice.  I was going to give up blogging for a while but realized, it's the hardest thing to do wahhh.
Have you ever tried a coal candy?


  1. my first time ata to see coal candy, napaisip ako kung ano give up ko this Lent season hirap kapag hindi nakapag online ..

  2. No, I have never tried a coal candy--I think I saw it once--NO WAY I was going to try it. I do like licorice-which is black--but somehow coal candy turns me right off!

  3. Ah, never heard and never see coal candy in the stores here. I wonder what it taste like sweet, sour?


  4. That doesn't look like appealing as a candy. :)


  5. I don't think I've had this before.


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