Monday, March 4, 2013

Footed PJs

We went to the nearby city  to buy us some Asian goodies.  When we got done with our shopping from  the Asian stores, we walked around the Strip district and saw some St. Patrick's  outfit.  My husband said that if the kids need some costume that we should buy it there.  I am not an impulse buyer so I told her that I might find some good deals online.  He did not disagree as I always does find deals  by browsing online.   

Bugs Bunny Hooded Footed Adult PajamasWhile I was waiting for my kids to come out from school, I browsed some  women's footed pjs at             Unfortunately they did not have  as much selection and  I could not find my size.  I am a cold natured kind of gal so during night time, I always put my  sleeping pants, my feet are covered with socks, and I have sweater especially during the Winter.  I sometimes wake  my husband up when I  want to warm up my cold hands under his armpits lol.  So to avoid that from happening, I thought that I might find a  pair of footed PJs for me to wear.

Even though I did not find what I was looking for, I had fun browsing the different  kinds of  products at Spencer's Online.  They are the perfect place to browse when you want to find a unique gift for someone.  They have   a lot of gift ideas for different ages, man and women, boys and girls.   

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