Monday, March 4, 2013

Energy Star

Vinyl Siding
Photo isn't mIne
I like brick walls in houses  but I think that vinyl siding  is easier and cheaper to replace when it gets old.  Although you can  also use vinyl siding when you get tired  of  the brick but it would be a lot harder.   Hubby always checks the  properties   for sale listed in the area and  whenever he found a beautiful house with an exterior vinyl siding, he would say "This changes my  perception about houses with vinyl siding."  He always thought that brick houses  are better than the others but I always disagree.  

Just take a look at the photo above.  I found it at Champion website, a company that provides services for roofs, windows, sun rooms, doors, home exteriors and more.  They offer free consultation with no  obligation, and you would also able to see their showroom so you can touch and test the quality of the products they use for the  job.   

Champion uses Energy Star rated underlayment  and also uses corner wrap to protect your home from insects, moisture and mold.  The fact that they  are using the products that would avoid  problems inside the house, that goes to show how they care for their  customer.  That is something that  some companies are lacking, the CARE for customers.  As a customer, I am sure that you would agree with me about customer service.  

Anyhow, if tyou are  looking for a company  for your vinyl siding  needs, check out the one I have mentioned above.  You can visit their website thought the link I have provided for more details.  

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