Friday, February 8, 2013

Discover Card

When we had our porch done a couple of years ago, we took a 0% interest loan for twelve months from our bank and when the 0% expired, we transferred the balance to another  0% card which is Discover.  All through the 12-month period, I have been saving for the amount   where I could pay it off when it's 0% expires.  

Well, being forgetful that I am, I totally forgot to pay it off last month which is the last month of the zero interest.  Such a bummer that I got  charged with interest for this  month just because  I forgot to do it.  When things like this happen, I just want to pinch myself and say "Dang it, stop being a dummy!" 

Oh well, live and learn right?  Anyhow, I paid   it off today ($1,824.57).  I just wish that I did not have to pay the $24.57 interest..sigh.  So that's done and will try not to let that happen again.  Now I can close our account to Discover.  But come to think of it, it's nice also that they made 25 bucks out of us.  I am still grateful that they  gave us a 0% interest for a year.

On the bright side, let me show you this stickers that my daughter got for dominating in the Math contest during their Student's Day.
I hope you guys are having a  fantastic day on this cold winter days.


  1. Great that your bank affairs are now alright! What a beautiful award for your daughter! In Australia children also get awards. Here in my country it is not done. A good report is award enough, I think.Or maybe the teachers are too lazy to make them!;)
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  2. That was certainly a good lesson ! Fortunately not too much money. I wished I would know a bank who gives a loan to 0% ! Never heard about !

  3. Rose you always bring a smile to my face. Love your story on the credit card.

  4. Congratulations to your daughter. I've done the 0 interest before and kept switching to other cards offering 0 interest. If you know how to play the system with all those new offers you can avoid interest for quite some time. Sorry you ended up paying interest. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  5. I've had my DISCOVER card since 1986! It's worked for me. The bonus dollars I use on purchases from Amazon.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Thank you for dropping by Pret-a-vivre Rose. Love your story!

  7. Good lessen yes, and many nice word on D in your post!:-)

  8. here, we have banks come to school to teaching money wise to kids.

  9. here, banks come to school and teach money wise to kids.

  10. that's a great perk for a card, 0%. with so many things to do, we moms tend to forget some details... ms. burrito is doing really well. beauty and brains!

  11. I also forgot something sis and I had to pay a fine for that. Immigration stuff - horror. We're so getting young, lol! Congratulations to Ms Burrito!

  12. You were lucky,not many banks will do that. Best wishes to your daughter for a job well done in math.

  13. Lovely big sticker awards for your daughter! They are quite impressive!

  14. I love the stickers too. Congratulations to her for winning them. I am sorry you had to pay the interest. Over here in this country it hurts your credit rating if you cancel a credit card.

    You better check before you cancel. You can always keep it an djust not use it!

  15. Hay naku ako din ganyan pag nakakalimot. Sayang kasi ang charge. :(

    Liz (mot)


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