Monday, February 18, 2013

Chrome Wedges

I let my daughter stayed for a while at her Lolo and Loal's house last Friday when I brought my  son to the hospital.  I did not want her to  go with me as I don't want to  take a chance of her  picking up a nasty bug at the doctor's office.  When we came back and I went to get her, her and  Lolo were playing golf inside the house.  Her Lolo was  showing her some golf technique using  his new 588 forged chrome wedges.  That's one of the many things  I love about  this family whom we    treat like  our  own family.  They always  get involve with the kids.  It's either Lola is teaching Ms. Burrito how to cook or Lolo teaching the kids some golf  moves  Lolo love to golf and he can't wait for summer time once again so he could play again.  How about you, have you ever tried playing golf?  I have never experienced doing it but I think that it would be fun. My husband said that it is stressful for him so he did not like it.  I think the problem with my husband of playing golf is his being perfectionist.  He likes to do things  perfectly but you can't do that with sports unless you are a pro or really good at it.

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