Monday, January 7, 2013

Dishwasher Parts

I used to   wash our dishes manually and only uses it   when we have an occasion where I have to use so many dishes.    I decided to give my hands a break and  finally use our  dishwasher regularly.    I think I am finally getting the worth of the money that I paid for for this dishwasher lol.  I ca  put this baby to test if  how long it will last.  I don't think I would need frigidaire dishwasher parts soon as this is relatively new but let us see.  I am just glad to know that there is  a specific website where you can buy  Frigidaire dishwasher parts.  

On the other note, we met up with our real estate agent yesterday and looked at one house that was newly listed  at their website.  The house is only  five years old  and it has  1.4  acres of land  which we realy liked because there is  a large yard for the kids and our pets to run around to.  The owner is also leaving all their appliances and  window treatments and the most surprising part is the price that they listed it to, it's very low. The owner  really wants to sell it fast.  I mean I like the house, it's floor plan, and the land but I don't like fact that it is far from my  children's school.  So even if we like it, we are not going to bid on it.

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