Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toe Juice

I would like to thank Toe Juice for sending me these  essential products that we could use at home.  Cold season has rolled in at our side of the world so it is  extremely important that  I keep my children clean at all times so they  would get sick.  The soothing sanitizer would be  handy  when we are out of  home and the Toe Juice can help  sooth and relieve cracked feet which is very common during winter times. 
You can buy these products at Walgreens or you can  get a free bottle by visiting the link I have provided in this post.  Thanks once again, Toe Juice!

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  1. Sounds like a good product! Great Pic!

  2. Congrats..on receiving them! Very useful indeed..

  3. Sounds like a unique product with a cool name. lol

  4. Ay, I need something like that for my tired feet. sounds really cool.

    Visiting as RG, sis.
    here's my link:


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