Friday, October 12, 2012

Squash Host

It's been a month since I switched back my main blog to its old url.  My main  agenda in switching it back is the page rank that it has.  It's domain used to have a higher page rank until  Google took it back, since then, it remains at it's 0 PR which isn't helping with my online gig and that's  the reason  why I chose to switched back.  So far, it is working good  and I am enjoying it.  I am  thinking of  transferring it to wordpress hosting just in case the PR goes away again.  For now, I will keep it where it is being hosted.   

I was looking at the Squash Host's supported hardware and software and found some very reasonable prices on their  domain prices.  You can  view their  world class hosting by visiting and  browsing their hosting features.  Squash Host not only provide a reliable  web host for wordpress blog  but they also provide Joomla CMS, a photo gallery software,  and hosting plan that is perfect for  small business website or  big e-commerce store.  Their hosting features include free domain name, marketing tools, website builder, and free one click scripts that you can use for your website.  Some of their features are very new to me which I find very  interesting.  The services they provide includes hosting which starts at a low price of $3.25 only.  They also have Virtuozzo VPS, Semi Dedicated, and Dedicated Server.  They offer 30-day money back guarantee, they also guarantee 99.9 uptime and a 24/7  quality support.

So if you are  planning to build a website for your business and you need a professional help to effectively set up your website, just check out the  company I have mentioned above.   Starting a website is not easy especially if you  don't have any experience in setting it up so a professional help surely  is a big tool in achieving a successful  set-up. 


  1. Rose, you are right about our page rank but I have no idea what they are doing or how to remedy it. Your post gave me food for thought.

  2. Hi Rose! An interesting blog indeed:) Am now following you! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my post!


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