Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing with the Wind

My daughter got a set of four boxes of 500-piece puzzle by Simple Times for Christmas. This kind of puzzle is not really for kids of her age because they're very small, so it is hard to build it. Hubby and I helped her complete one.
This one that we did is called "Playing with the Wind."  We started  with completing the boarders first.
I must admit, it was tough  completing it, I think my eye sight went ZigZag on this  one..  I stayed at home one day when hubby and kids went to my FIL and I worked on this baby for hours.  When  they came back, hubby helped me finish it.
One down and three more to go lol.  I have been looking for 19x14  frame but couldn't find one in the store. I want to put all of them in an individual  frames and use  it as  wall decor at our basement.
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  1. This look great even it's hard to complete, and a great decoration idea.

  2. hahaha! sakit sa mata ate Rose lalo na pag small pcs hihihi.. buti natpos pero merun pa pala susunod hehehe! beautiful:)





  3. Good job! Beautiful capture. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC
    Liz @ MCN

  4. This is very pretty. Jigsaw puzzles are very hard for me to do! congratulations on finishing!

  5. Oh, that stuff I would love to do...you just gave me an idea...it is always fun to play with our kiddos...following you now too...

  6. Wow, beautiful scenery! Yes, it takes a lot of patience to complete such puzzle, especially that big. I used to do them also back in the Philippines where one could choose from many popular painting scenes. It's challenging but enjoyable.

  7. Sa dami niyan, maduduling ka talaga, sis. Pero I bet it was fun. :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family too!

  8. Thanks for stopping by!!
    I too love puzzles..
    that is a beautiful scene..

  9. parang ang hirap naman ng puzzle but it looks like a great activity with the kids, thanks for dropping by my blog

  10. Yes, it is a major challenge facing this great puzzle, good job.

  11. Great puzzle - have a great New Year too!

    Happy RT2!

  12. Thanks for the follow. We love puzzles around our house. This one is so beautiful and will be great, nicely framed! Have a good week!

  13. Puzzles like this are great for getting the family to spend some quality time together!

  14. I love these puzzles but they can be frustrating too. Very pretty blue picture.

  15. Such a very beautiful scene in that puzzle! Jigsaws can take a lot of patience but they are very rewarding! A great family activity!

  16. Oh wow! I love the end-result :) Well-done!

  17. Puzzles are so much fun. I love it when the family works together to complete one. That one turned out so pretty. Nice job!

  18. I should try that one too.. but I don't think I have enough time.. hayz! nice design too. :)

    Visiting from MYM
    Grocery Gift Basket
    Peek at the Back
    My Prince is Growing

  19. I used to do puzzles all the time and haven't now for years. That would be a tough one for a child but looks like you did a good job with team work!!

  20. just by looking at the pieces made me dizzy

  21. OMG, what a work ! I could never do such a puzzle even an easier one, I really don't have the patience to do that ! Bravo anyway!

  22. it´s several years since I did one of these. Nice to see it. :)

  23. Oh, I have NO patience for a 500 piece puZZle!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  24. A great challenge and kudos to you for finishing it. I think my eyes would have gone zigzag too.

  25. Love puzzles - but I disassemble them after a while, so I can do them again when i get in the notion!

  26. I love puzzles but dont get to do them very often,this has made me want to go get one out.Love Jill xx

  27. That's tough, completing a 500 pieces puzzle. Maduduling din ako kung ako ang gagawa niyan. Pero pwede din sigurong pagtiyagaan hanggang matapos. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  28. Such a great job! I love puzzles, but now I have no time to start puzzling, because I'm very busy with blogging.lol


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