Monday, January 9, 2012

The Head

Whose head do you think this is?


  1. I am sure it is not, but it looks like Mickey Mouse.

  2. Maybe it's the shadow of an angel?

  3. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    It does look like Mickey Mouse, whoever it is has cast a great shadow.

  4. Yes, it looks like the head of Minnie Mouse with the big ribbon on her hair. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. I would go with Mickey mouse too....great shape..

  6. Magnificent ... looks like the shade of a cactus.

  7. What a cute picture - definitely looks like Mickey or Minnie... but perhaps one of those little ones wearing the signature ears - lol!
    Hugs, Antonella :-)
    P.S. I am also participating in SSS2, and I've created a free printable / digi with the shadow quote this week...
    join me here:

  8. Long time no hear systah!

    Hope you had a great Christmas & peaceful NY and will have a fruitful 2012.

    Happy SSS.

  9. Cute! I'm not sure -- but are they wearing Micky ears? ;)

  10. hhmmm first I was thinking mickey mouse now I'm not too sure...
    have a great week and thank you for visiting my blog

  11. It's gotta be either Mickey or Minnie!! Cute!

  12. Thanks for answering my question guys. I will reveal the answer next SSS2.

  13. ha! what a whimsical shadow shot! I love it. happy day to you.

  14. Mickey mouse is in the house.... :) Greetings from Romania. Have a nice week.


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