Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zoo in the City?

We went to Pittsburgh last Friday to buy some oriental goodies at the Strip District where oriantal stores are.  It was raining so to make it less boring, I took some random shots while hubby is trying to find some parking spot.
The UPMC building.  Do you see the flag on top of the roof?
There's actually four different flags  displayed there.
What shocked me is to find a ZOO in the city? Lol, it's actually an entertainment building.  I wonder if the entertainers there  are dressed like animals? Lol!
The reflection of the  water tank on this building.
Beautiful  artwork on the  building wall.
Do you see the message that says "Jesus Loves You"?
Nothing fancy, just a sign of one of the dining place in the strip.
What I like about Pittsburgh is the presence of so many bridges.
Thanks for dropping by folks!


  1. My hometown of Binghamton, NY has a nice little zoo, or did.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. When our children were little we lived by a wonderful little park and zoo called Micky's Grove. They had many small animals but the special attractions was an old Lion, a Polar Bear, and a spitting monkey.

    Now living in So. CA, we have the large Los Angeles Zoo.

    Enjoyed your array of pictures.

  3. Enjoyed your photos! How neat to find a zoo in the city.Happy Outdoor Wed.

  4. Hope the zoo met with your expectations - love your photos of the outside.\

    abcw team

  5. I love the photo of the water tank reflected in the windows, reminds me of the monsters in "War of the Worlds"!
    Jane x

  6. i wonder why it's called a Strip District.:p

    nice drive-by shots.

  7. Thanks for an interesting glimpse into another world. Rainy days are great photography days!

  8. I love rainy days too!! Great shots!

  9. I sure enjoyed your rainy tour. I bet several cities have zoos. where I grew up in Milwaukee, has a very large zoo. I bet the zoo in your building is a comedy troupe? esp the way the font of the word zoo is? I love all the window reflection photos, I have lots to learn on photography, but it is fun. thanks for stopping & linking up. I hope I get to know more about you & your blog. I have found so many fascinating people through blogs, have you? ~Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

  10. I really like your rainy-day drive pictures. The reflection in the side of the building is my favorite.

  11. beautiful shots.. love that Jesus Loves you sign! and themural.. beautiful color!

  12. Nice photos Rose! Thanks for the tour of Pittsburg! Parang nakasakay rin ako sa car nyo! Lol!

  13. I like the reflection shots! We get a lot of rainy days here too so this looks familiar! :)

  14. Enjoying your photos :)

    You're right, Rose. Sick in Indonesia language is sakit.
    Thanks for your kind attention, have a great day :)

  15. It's also raining there when it's supposed to be summer? Been raining here in Manila nonstop since last week!

  16. Beautiful photos, Rose! Love the reflections and the artwork. Thank you for visiting.

  17. I just spent some time in Pittsburgh as well. I love that town!

  18. Great photos you took randomly while you were at Pittsburgh. Looks like John had a hard time finding an appropriate parking space because you were able to take so many pictures. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  19. nice shots badingding...:) trying to halungkat your previous posts...ehehehe!


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