Friday, July 15, 2011

Sale Items

My FIL gave Ms. Burrito a cash gift for her birthday so we accompanied her to the Toy "R" Us store. I found some sale item such as these pairs of flip flops for $3.99.
I bought a pair for me and Ms. Burrito since it is  on sale for One Buy, Get One Free,.
I also found these games on the sale item rack for $2.01. These are the kind of games that Ms. Burrito love to play.  
My husband taught her how to play  chess for the first time and she  immediately learn how.
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  1. oh nice. mommy and daughter shopping.

    regards sis!

  2. ka enjoy at nag shopping na naman ang family hehehe

  3. Woohoo! Galing ni Rylie! I never learned how to play chess. And I think I'm too old to want to play it now. :)


  4. I love her choices. Happy RT!

    Mine's here.

  5. Hehehe, me sparring partner na si John sa chess. Tinuruan ka rin ba ni John mag chess. Bihira kasi ang mga babaeng mahilig sa chess. Ang ganda nga nung binili ninyong flip flops na buy one take one para kay Rylie. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. yay@ new flipflops for ms. burito!!!

    dropping by from Orange Tuesday..see you at my Orange Fishes, Orange Keypad, Orange Plate and Orange Google Doodle.Have a great Tuesday!

  7. Smart girl! I personally prefer that my kids play the old school games rather than be into the current techie toys.

  8. Oh I'm sure she'll do well.Here's my share for OT. Thanks a lot!

  9. wow, shopping to the max! hehehe! and great finds sis :)

    here for WW!

    hope to see you, thanks!

  10. Love the flip flops!

    Late visit here for MYM sis :)

    Mine is here:

  11. Hi Rose, yayks... pwede padala dito... ahahha... putol na yung slippers ko may butas na sa paanan.. hahaha.. nice time with pa... :)

  12. shopping galore! i love the flip flops! ako naman, visiting from Wednesday Whites! hope you can drop by mine too!

  13. wow, nice pairs of slippers sisRose and they are on it!

    my share for wednesday whites is here

  14. I love flipflops on a summer!!! :) Those are of cool prices! :)

    Visiting from WW. I'm flooded with whites this week! Sorry, I just had so much to share! I promise they won't bore you though! :)
    Snowy Playground
    Nissan El Grand
    Unnamed White Statue
    White Blooms

    I hope to see you landing on my pages! Hehe...

  15. What a nice way to bond dad and his little princess.

    tess at life is beautiful

  16. i missed the bday post of rye, rose. i was out. i'll catch up with my bloghopping this weekend, and nostalgia nxt week...was too busy, weee...

    flipflops for $4...weee, i want two!!!! hehe

  17. wow, daming sale items...sana sinama mo ako...ehhehe....:) love those flops....:)

  18. how fun!and i love those flip flops.. i want a pair too! thanks for joining us this week sis!

  19. fast learner pala si ms.burrito..galing naman..ako i wantto play that also...pero la naman akong kalaro..


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