Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Snowing.. Again

We had  like four warmer days last week and I thought that it would be the start but I was wrong.  It is snowing once again today.  They already cancelled the classes for tomorrow which I am glad because my d daughter is not  completely well from her cold.  So for those who love to ski, you still have a chance.  Just make sure to bring your   ski jackets to keep you warm.  Hubby is shoveling the snow at our drive way because Bumble Bee's dad is coming to pick her up and  we don't want him to bust his kisters hehehe.


  1. Ang sarap naman dyan. Never uminit ang panahon. Unlike here, parang start na ng summer sa init!

    Throw us some of those snow na lng Rose! he he..

  2. dito napaka init na parang summer sa tanghali.. :)


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