Sunday, February 20, 2011

Books Over Toys

During EJ's birthday, he received an e-gift certificate from the generous and thoughtful author of My Life Perception & Inspiration, Mommy Dhemz.  Instead of buying toys  with it, I decided to buy two books instead.  The toys in our bode is piling up and it is me that picks up the mess most of the time.  So I think books are much wiser choice over toys, what do you think?
Thanks once again Tita Dhemz!
Smiling Sally


  1. oo nga, mas type ko pa books kaysa toys...kakapagod mag ligpit, minsan naaapakan pa nyahahaha.

  2. happy birthday to your son! and generous naman ni mami dhemz! good books are nice choice mami chubs :)

  3. Good choice, sis! I too prefer books to toys. Influence ng asawa ko. He wants his gifts to pamangkins and inaanaks to always be educational. If not books, eh di educational item. Doesn't have to be a toy. Galing! At ang bait nga ni Mommy Dhemz!

  4. LOL pareho pala tayo ng entry book hehehe

  5. Totally agree, Rose :)

  6. wonderful books to read over and over again..

  7. It's a great idea to give your children the gift of reading.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  8. Smart choice nga Ate Rose, they're going to learn kesa puro fun lang..:-)

  9. ayay! salamat sa linky love badingding...sweet of yah!

    nako tumpak ka sis...kalat talaga ang least yung books d thinking inay...ehehhee!

  10. thats good decision .. dito sa bahay napakaraming toys ni kyla tapos ako lang naman ang nagliligpit kaya limit na ako sa pagbili ng toys mostly educational things na lang.

  11. Great Blue Monday pos..
    i am a book lover myself!
    Enjoy your week!

  12. trying to find your MM entry sis:)

    for me sis invest more on books than toys:)

  13. condition them that books are toys... naku yung akin dito sakit na ang ulo ko sa kapile kasi parati lang unpile lol.. daan me here too.

  14. It is always good to choose books.

  15. Yeah you needs lots of books kasi hilig magbasa ng mga burritos mo bading, bait ni bayot, walang katulad

  16. Yes, you are so right. Although kids may prefer toys over books, they will appreciate them later on when you read stories to them or when they begin to read on their own and appreciate the value of books. The internet has replaced books and encyclopedia in the kids quest for knowledge. Ang bait naman ni mareng Dhemz mo na binigyan si EJ nang e-gift certificates. Very practical ngang gift yun dahil makakapili ang recipient nang gusto niya. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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