Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mama is Sick

I just got done talking to my mother on the phone. I made an overseas call because my sister said that mama is sick and I was glad that the signal of cellphone there a while ago and I was able to talk to Mama for almost two hours.  I wish I could  look for a health insurance quote for my Mom over there because she isn't getting any younger and I want  her to have a security blanket when she gets sick.

I am always worried when mama or somebody in my family is sick back home because they don't have a health insurance that could take care  of the medical bills when they get hospitalized.  I hope and pray that my Mom would get well   soon so that she could enjoy the holiday without any sickness.  She always have this bad headache and the funny thing is that the doctor told her that it's just normal.  I said "WHAT, having  a bad headache is normal?"  What kind of doctor would say that to a patient?

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