Monday, December 22, 2014

Enjoyable Texas Vacation

Our vacation in Texas last year was one of the most enjoyable  getaway we had as a family.  When you have two families having fun together is just priceless.  My Burritos certainly  misses Akesha a lot! 
We went so many places in Texas that's what made it so much memorable.

I wish and hope that we could all get together soon, hopefully next year.  It would be so much fun now that the kids are a lot bigger.


  1. Your children seem to be seasoned travelers!

  2. Is it my poor memory or has it been a while since you called them your burritos here? What a great memory for the kids. Er, burritos, I mean!

  3. The two young girls together in the last photo look enchanting.

  4. There is nothing like visiting friends and seeing them after a long time. It is great that your girls are also friends and wish to see each other more often--maybe suggest letter pals (writing letters back and forth). I have never been to Texas but am sure there are a lot of fun things you can do there.

  5. Looks like they had fun. I heard winter in Texas feels like spring. We are planning to go there but still hesitant for the traveling time. It might take us 16 hours on the road.

  6. Aww the kids really looked like they had a great time in this vacation. And is that a small carousel I see? My own daughter would have loved riding that.

  7. Friends are great. It's nice when you get to see them and spend time with the families all together. Your children always look so happy.


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