Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rain & Frost

 We had rainy days last week and a couple of days ago, we had frost.  Right now all my plants are wilted already.  Good thing I harvested   my veggies before it came.
Can you guess where I took these photos?


  1. I would take a guess and say the car window.

  2. Great that you were able to harvest your vegetable before the frost sets and that could have ruined them all. Now you can enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. car window or glass window sa bahay nyo ..nyak hahaha

    di pa ako naka post sa akin.heheh

  4. sa car bading kasi you guys always outside hehehe

  5. oh my golly! dito kagabi sis we had hail..sing laki nang grapes...ehehehe! pero pag day time mainit pa din....:)

  6. Hi. I think that picture is a shot of your car window? parang tinted eh. Nice shot actually.

    Thanks for following my blog. I'll follow you on Twitter. Don't you have Google Friend Connect?

  7. Sorry, Twitter is overcapacitated right now. Will follow you later.

  8. Hmmm.. Guess its Car Window.... :-)Cute!!

  9. i can feel the coldness ahihi.. brrrr.. so cold.. starting to feel the winter again.. yeah

  10. Thanks for responding to my question for the day folks, that is actually our front windshield hehehe..


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