Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Friendly Ghost

Holy crap, smoke, scared the crap out of me wahhhh.. I saw this ghost in Dad's kitchen, her face was drifting blood and I got scared.  Good thing I realized that she was a friendly ghost. Can you guess who is it?
The second shot looks almost  like a real ghost doesn't it?


  1. ah ! le'me think! house yan ni FIL, so SIL mo yan hahahaha.

    ano kaya mag suot ako ng ganyan dito sa amin tapos patayin ko yong ilaw nyahahahaha

  2. ayay! sino kaya said "she was a friendly ghost" si SIL mo yan sis? hehehhe!

  3. It sure is very scary! :) Looks like you guys had a great time during the Halloween! :) Visiting you again, mommy.

    Adin B

  4. i think its john. sus paano nlng kung sumulpot yan bigla while you are in the dark room

  5. with the blurry effect, the second one is more creepy.

  6. It's John, of course. The men's shoes he is wearing is a giveaway, lol. John is funny even if he is scary, lol. Thanks for the scary post. God bless you all always.

  7. the blurry effect makes your photo a real ghost.. it's john. look at the shoes.. =)

  8. Oh!!! that movie was sooo scary. But, you're reading a comment from a person who hid under the bed after seeing the first Jaws! Not kidding!

    Although, I intellectually knew that it is physically impossible for a shark to crawl out of the ocean, sing in his car as he drove down the freeway, flop out of the car door, wiggle and slide to the ground like a fish let off the hook, push his way thru my front door, crawl, wiggle, swim under my bed, and gobble me up- I had nightmares about that stupid mechanical bag of blubber what seemed like forever, and I was a grown-up person!

    Later, I took my son to see Scream, but I cheated...I brought a flashlight and read...I told him I had important to research to do.

    Do you think he believed it?

    Anyway, fabulous and fun post.

    I found you from Agitize, and I'm happy I did-


    P.S Sorry for such a long post- :)

  9. And the winners are.. Kat, Shy, and Dhemz hehehe.. The ghost is actually my SIL lol..

  10. Nice costume! Si sis bumili din ng ganyan pero yung maskara lang at may blood talaga.


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