Sunday, November 14, 2010

I won, I won, I won!

I love receiving comments from all of you guys and every time you leave a note or two in my blogs, it always makes me happy.  I also love writing comments to   blogs and  topics that I find interesting so when Dhemz  hosted a comment challenge contest on her blogs, I was  on it.  My prizes  arrived yesterday and I like them all.
I am not the only one who have a prize, the  thoughtful daughter of a thoughtful Mom sent my daughter some prizes too and she love it.  Thanks Akesh!  Rylie was tickled by your message.
1st prize (purse + earrings + bracelet) - I gained the highest number of first comments on her 5 blogs

3rd prize (betty boop hat + avon perfume)- I won due to the highest number of first comments on her "My Life's Perception & Inspiration"

5th prize (wetseal tank + watch + earrings) - I also won this one because i gained the highest number of first comments on her "Savour D' Flavour".

6 winners of Sunglasses - (First 3 commenters of the month on her Shopping Reviews & Great Finds & Stuff blog.)

Winners: Sassychick, Lulu, Chubskulit, Zhenn, Sassychick, & Yen (tie points was randomly picked from
3 Necklace( First 3 top commenters of the month on her "Me & My Passion" blog.)

Winners: Lulu, Chubskulit & SassyChick

Plus a bonus cash prize worth $50.00 (2 winners of $15.00 & 2 winners of $10.00)
Thanks a lot sis  for hosting this fun comment marathon challenge.  Looking forward for your next challenge hehehe.


  1. Sabi ko nga pinakyaw mo prizes. Congrats and enjoy your prizes.

  2. wow, Congrats mami ... dami nyan the betty boop..heheh:)

  3. Wow ang dami nga nito. Parang advance Merry Christmas na ito ^_^ Congrats!
    Mellow Yellow Monday

  4. Sipag naman sumali sa contests ^_^ CONGRATS!

  5. Actually sis, pili lang sinasalihan ko hehehe

  6. Congrats :)
    Very lovely gifts...

  7. Oh boy that is great! Congratulations, mommy! How nice. :) Love it!

  8. Wow! Andaming prizes.. ako, di pa nanalo ni minsan. Di rin naman ako nagjo join ng mga contests and give-aways. Nyahaha!!

    Loving the Betty Boop cap.. very nice. =)

    Here's mine.. Hope you could drop by, too.

  9. wow naman! congrats sis!aga mo sa MYM. how sweet naman ni akesh... happy MYM!

  10. daming prizesssses... inggit ako wahehehe

  11. Wow! Ang dami! Congrats po! Ang generous tlga ni madam dhemz hehehe...

  12. Wow, daming prizes! Congrats Rose!

  13. congrats, pinakyaw mo ata lahat ng prize hehe wala natira sa amin.. Anyway, congrats again.

  14. Wow dami prizes, pinakyaw mo lahat Ateh Rose...hehe...sipag magcomment. ^_^

  15. Congratulations! That Betty Boop cap is so cute.

  16. That's quite a haul, congratulations.

    Brand new at Around the Island Photography -- Photoverse Prints - Faith-Based and Inspirational Custom Photo Art

  17. I remember Betty Boop in my much younger days, watching her on our old DuMont B&Wc television. It seems amazing how our memories return in a moment...

    Congratulations on your winnings!

  18. Wow, you won big!!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  19. Congrats bading, sipag mo kasi mag comment. you deserved all these goodies.

  20. ayay! dumating na pala ititch...ehehehe!

    you deserve to win badingding....sabi nga guts, no glory...ehehehe!

    hope you like them....thanks sa linky love...ehhehee...:)

    luv yah!

  21. gee wow..that's a lot of goodies you got there. congrats!! have a good week! My RT is here.

  22. Congratulations, on your winning!

  23. I simply adore the Betty Boop Ball cap!!!


    LEGO art is my Ruby Tuesday today, hope you can stop by to join me!!

  24. Congrats sis. Ang dami mong grasya. I love the hat.


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