Thursday, November 11, 2010


Whenever we take Champ  somewhere, he always position himself like this.  He wants to see where we going  and sometimes would give  John a lick lol..  Our little Champaroo has grown up into a fine young male dog.  We call him Champaroo whenever he is being sweet and playful hehehe.


  1. unang basa ko champoradoo..waaaaaa gutom na kasi ako eh! syensya na hahaha..

  2. Hahaha, akala ko nung mabasa ko yung title nang post mo ay tungkol sa champorado, yun pala pet name ni Champ, hehehe, lol. Binata na nga si Champ pero hindi na siya pwedeng magparami nang lahi, lol. Hanggang butung hininga na lang siya. Naiintindihan kita Champ dahil ganyan din ako ngayon dahil more than 4 years na si misis sa States, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. malaki na nga siya girl parang kailan lang noh? hehehe

  4. Hahaha Sira ka talaga Kuya Mel, kwidaw wag magsasideline lol.. Joke.

  5. ang cute nang champaroo nyo sis....:)


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