Tuesday, September 14, 2010


S-E-N-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y is the topic at Couple's Corner this week. Who is the sensitive among the two of us? Hubby calls me hyper-sensitive-queen sometimes because I get easily hurt especially when he is being so sarcastic with me. I really don't like sarcasm type of joke because I fee like he is being serious sometimes when in fact he is just joking. But it's not really a serious problem to us. When he knows that he touched my sensitivity, he is very quick to remedy it with lambing and apology lol.

Sometimes, hubby is a sensitive to certain topics too but it is very seldom.

His sense of humor overshadows my sensitivity and that I think is what makes us a versatile couple. Are we? LOL, you decide. Join us at Couple's Corner by clicking the badge below.


  1. SO hubby is good and quick at kiss and make up..hihihi.. It is a very good advantage that he has huge sense of humor than can make you always smile and alterate your little tampo..hihihi
    Happy CC

    Ang sweet at cute ng picture nio Ate Rose..=)

  2. I guess most women are "sensitive" while most men are "manhid". LOL! I admit I'm very sensitive when it comes to some things. In fact, hubby calls me "drama queen". He usually ask me "no more drama, please?". LOL!

    BTW, I grabbed ur badge madam...it's in my Mix N' Match blog...

  3. Hehehe! there are times that we can't carry their jokes, so we get hurt. But, it doesn't need to create a big problem between the couple. Rodney's the same way, when he knows that I got hurt with his little jokes, he would apologize and make it up to me. Kiss and make up is always great, hehehe.. With matching omellete sa umaga at breakfast in bed, wohooo!

  4. John really enjoyed that big smackeroo from you. He was grinning from ear to ear. I don't think your being sensitive is a problem as far as John is concerned. In fact he may be enjoying it so that he can cajole and caress you, lol. Thanks for the romantic post. God bless you all always.

  5. waaaaaaa inggit ako , ang sweet nyo....gusto ko talagang sumali nitong CC meme Rose pero wala akong partner nyahahaha.

  6. wala ako masabi but you're a perfect couple. sensitivity is not a big deal. just a kiss answers all..ahihi..

  7. oh btw, sure, i'll bring you to Venice.. ahihi.. mag enjoy tayo dining out in finest resto..ahihi.. hope to see when you come here or when we move to US..waaa, kelan kaya..
    and.. whatever is it something na excite ako, even a simple note of hello, now pa lang, napa-smile mo na ako.. mwaaah!!

  8. john really knows how to make it up to you tokaya. ika nga e, huli nya ang kiliti mo, hehe.

    my entry is here, tokaya.

  9. You're lucky Rose coz you got a humorous husband plus he's quick to feel you're sensitive. I like your pictures :) You both look KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS!

  10. apir tau sis...ako din...ang OA natin ano...ehehehe....sweet nyo ni Juan...love the pics...:)

  11. oi and tweet tweet!haha..oo nga noh ako rin te ganyan minsan pag narerealise ko nahihiya ko sa self ko kasi felling ko di namn dapat pala mag ganun ka senti.hehe..Like ur top nga pala England flag :P
    Have a good weekend!

  12. hmmmm.. i guess his sense of humor neutralizes your being sensitive and that makes you, two, a perfect match, lol!

  13. wow! ang sweet ninyo! kakainggit ha? keep the love alive, hehehe. musta na mommy?

  14. wow super sweet nyo nga sa pics:D tsaka normal na yan ang sensitive ng mga babae noh :) ehehe

  15. you can view mine here : http://farmgirlblogger.blogspot.com/2010/09/ccsensitivity.html


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