Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Native American Black Bear

Here's another set of photos of animal that I took pictures of at Pittsburgh Zoo. This time, it's the Native American Black Bear.

I feel bad for these bears because the place where they roam around is a very small rocky place. It must have hard for them to live there compared if they are in the wild..

But I guess, they are used to it now since they have been living there. They are paying for the enjoyment that we, viewers get, I guess.

But despite of how bad I feel that they are contained in a limited space, I am also glad that they are in the Zoo because I was able to see different animals.
Have a safe weekend everyone and thanks for visiting my page.


  1. I've never been to the Pittsburg Zoo. Your photos appear that the bear is well taken care of.
    I'm torn between having zoos and letting them live out their lives as intended. :)
    Great shots Rose!

  2. What a beautiful bear. I understand your mixed feelings about zoo animals because I share them.

  3. Wow! I haven't seen a real bear for a long time now. But just looking at them I can say that they are really huge! :)

  4. Great entry you got here! I've been thinking of visiting the zoo next week and would love to visit Mr. Teddy :)

  5. Ay naku, ganun yata talaga. Kawawa ang mga hayup but I suppose there is nothing much that could be done about it.

    Iyong sa Hub pages, you can earn by joining certain activities. May corresponding siyang amount. Though am not sure how frequent as I am new. And adsense. Because Google friendly siya, mas malaki ang chance mo for views :) Not really an immediate payment. Parang nag i-invest ka din.

    Thanks for dropping by and take care :)

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  7. I agree, animals should be in the wildlife but then we will not have a chance to see them this close if they are in the woods. There are bears around here too but I am too scared to check them out for fear of my dear life. LOL

  8. Zoos or no zoos? I know, it's a tough question. This bear seems very healthy, however.
    I have a friend who often finds bears in her back yard. I'm not sure that would be an improvement.
    But who knows?
    Alberta, Canada

  9. You are a very caring and loving person even for the other creatures of God. Yes, they must feel so miserable being cooped up in a very small and limited space whereas they can roam free in the wild. But that is the price they have to endure for entertaining people. Children has to learn about the animals and they can only do this in a zoo. Thanks for the caring post. God bless you all always.

  10. I too can find it depressing seeing these animals in a confined space... I guess the argument is also that zoos help animals which are near extinct and so forth...

    The bear is a beautiful animal.

  11. If an animal is in danger of extinction then I can see that conserving it and breeding it to return numbers to the wild is a good thing. Otherwise, I don't really like zoos.

  12. Minsan maisip mu rin, ang siba talaga ng tao .. imagine ikulong mu sila just so we have some things to look on ... sila yung voiceless victims of animal lookism...lol. pero sa totoo lang di pa ako nakikita ng totoong bear...teddy bear lang ... salamat sa pasyal..

  13. I agree that the spaces are way too small just like here in our zoo. However I love bears so I'm glad they are near so I can visit them. These are wonderful shots.

  14. very right you are.. and the sadder part is, people are enjoying at their expense. nice post!

  15. That is a conflict I feel too. The animals in a zoo are so interesting to visit but they are so limited in life. Nice shots, though.

  16. nice feature for camera critters! we cannot help it, if they're put in the wild, di na natin makikita sila.. mahirap mag tour sa wild haha..

  17. Thanks for dropping by at my blog! I love the photos of the bears. I always feel bad about the animals when they're in such a small exhibit...
    Like you said, tho...their used to it. :)
    I'm your newest follower!

  18. kakatakot naman tong black bear na itich...ehhehehe!

    daan lang ako dito sis...sensya late na...ehhehe..manic kasi life ko kanina...mwah!


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