Sunday, September 26, 2010


 My yellow rose gave me another bloom today, she's alone but she's pretty.  When I bought this rose, I thought that it wouldn't survive because half of the stem is already dead.  I bought it anyway and  be optimistic about it while I was planting it.  Now, she is doing good compared to the red one that I bought which was very healthy that time.  The red one did not  do any good this year.
 If you will analyze the two roses that I bought, you could compare it to people.  Sometimes, those people whom  others would think will not achieve anything is the one that usually succeeds, just like me. ahem!  Hahaha it's true though, the people in our place then are judging me that I will never finish any education, I am glad I wasn't distracted with those criticisms.
So, to start our week, let us all be optimistic and think that anything is possible if we set our mind to it.  Have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting and commenting.!


  1. Your yellow rose is so beautiful, but who knew? Your analogy is right on...that's why we should never judge anything - let alone people. Great post.

  2. nakalutang ung color nya above the rest..what a beauty!

  3. Tama ka diyan, Mommy Rose! Positive thinking goes a long way! And I salute you for all you success -truly inspiring! Keep it up!

    Have a blessed week! :)

  4. Great post! Great way to start off the week. :)

  5. yeah! i agree with you rose. biktima rin ako ng mga mapanghusgang kabarangay pero pinatunayan ko sa kanila na nagkamali sila ng tingin sa akin.

    happy monday manay!

  6. believe talaga ako sa determination mo sis! minsan yung mga ganyan ang nakaka-challenge talaga. sweet success di ba! now lang ulit ako nakabalik sa blog, umuwi kame promdi.. kapagod. :)

  7. wow, ang ganda! how I wish I had my own house para makatanim din ako... not here in my MILs house although walang ibang nakatira dito kami lang ... kasi nagiisa naman yung anak niya... hindi ko magalaw yung mga kung ano-ano..

    nag-sumbong? lol..hahahah... hay naku!

  8. Your yellow rose is so beautiful and your words so true.

  9. You are SO right. The yellow rose is beautiful, even if it seemed to offer little promise in the beginning. People can be the same, just as you said.

    Alberta, Canada

  10. I like your style, optimistic.
    Beautiful rose.

  11. Beautiful yellow rose. Great shots.

  12. Yes, you are like your yellow rose, very beautiful and blooming. You have already proven yourself to your detractors just like that yellow rose which you thought would not survive but it did and is now giving you such beautiful blooming flowers. Thanks for the beautiful post. God bless you all always.

  13. Your yellow rose is wonderful even if it is all by itself. I watch for these kind of sorry looking ones and buy them and try to fix them back to health.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  14. wow sooooo lovely sis:) ang cute ng yellow rose:)

  15. now you prove to them that they're wrong...totally wrong....ehehehe! people are judgmental talaga...ganda nang bulaklak mo sis...pretty like you...ehehehe!

  16. Very pretty !!

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog
    The GFC in your site didn't appear in my monitor. I've tried several times but it won't appear. 'll try it on your other blogs. Sorry :)

    Citra @ innocentia

  17. Life is so beautiful like a rose of yours. We have to be optimist. Rather than pestemistik sa konting problems lang. Have a nice day !

  18. Life is beautiful as the the yellow rose of yours. We have to be Optimist in life. Rather than "peste mistek" kahit small problems na dumating.

    Lifemoto MYM

  19. wow, ganda naman nito sis, parang reflection ito sa ganda mo :)

  20. Very enlightening words, Rose...
    The rose is so lovely!

    Thanks for dropping by...

  21. Hi sis. naku sowi ngayon lang ako naka-reply. :)

    Bihira na ako makakita ng yellow rose ngayon mahirap din kasi mag-alaga nito eh medyo maselan.


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