Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grizzly Bear

Can you see the head sticking out?  This grizzly bear is so shy, he did not want anyone to see him.  He just stayed in the water for a long time.  But I waited, and waited, and waited.. Finally he decided to  peek.
Then he moved a little bit.
A little bit more..
That's the closest I can get hahaha.  Patience paid off even just half of his body was picture taken.
Keep dry everyone, we are having rains at our end. I hope that rain will stop when daughter is going out t school, or else we will get wet.


  1. hello chubs.. glad you persevere till the end.. hahaha...

  2. Glad you had a safe place to watch the grizzly from! And that he felt safe, too!!

  3. Patience pays off :) Lovely shot of the grizzly playing peek-a-boo. Hope the rained stopped long enough to pick your daughter up from school.

  4. Great shots, glad you got half of him. I guess he was staying cool?

  5. the one at san diego zoo was very friendly.

    nice pix.

  6. Bears are so cute. Love it!
    It's rainy on my end too...bummer!

  7. I wish I can see that one personally, can I pay you a visit and tour me there?..hehehe lol .. patience is a virtue and you are the living proof..hihhihihi

    Ate Rose got something for you on my corner..

  8. patience always paid off to those who never get tired to wait hahaha...love y0ur p0st! visit my waterfalls

  9. Beautiful shots of a grizzly bear. He is so cute.

  10. Ha! I like that first one where he's peaking out at you! You got some good shots!

    We are getting more rain and then some towards the weekend, but usually in the afternoons. I work at an elemantary school and it always seems to rain just for dismissal!

  11. At firts hindi ko sya makita, but finally, sa last pic, kita ko na.. hehehe


  12. How cute is he? Love his face in that first one.

  13. I recognice that. Some times you have to settle for a peek. :) But it´s fun.

  14. Lovely shot, I wouldn't want to get any close though. Nice waterfalls too, thanks for visiting my blog:)

  15. Oh my gosh, that was fun. I did NOT see him 'til he moved!!!

    My Wednesday Photo Link

    I do hope you stop by for a visit if time allows!! Have a wonderful wednesday!

  16. hhahahaha...ang cute...muntik ko nang d makita.

  17. I think he was testing you to see how long you'd wait! LoL!
    Great shots of him & patience really did pay off!

  18. Hinintay ko talaga ang bear na ito bading kasi palaging nahiga sa sobrang tanda siguro hehe.

  19. Interesting! I hope I will also see grizzly bears in their natural habitat someday.


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