Thursday, August 19, 2010

Name Brand Undies

One of my friends sent me some undies during my birthday and I love them. That save me some moolah in buying new pairs lol. I stumbled upon this website that sells name brand undies such as olga, Airin Rose, Affinitas Intimates, Anne Klein, and many more. I like this timpa duet lace daisies padded half cup bra. I am not lucky to have those full front so this kind of bra is a great choice for me.
Duet Lace Daises Padded Half Cup Bra
You can also find different kinds of underwear for me with different brand names such as giulio undies. Below are photos of swimming trunks taken from the website which are Giulio brand, aren't they nice.
Giulio Bimkel Trunk 5100176Giulio Kar Boxer Trunk 685390L
Or if you are feeling a little naughty and would like to see your man in sexy underwear, you can buy one of those jockstraps lol. Just click the link and see what a jockstrap looks like, I can't put an image here as you may think that I am naughty hahahaha. The price range of the underwear to this online store are very decent and affordable. So if you are in the market for some underwear, check out one of the links above and see their huge selection.

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  1. I am embarrassed at the state of my underwear drawer. Will have to check out this website when I have extra funds for a makeover. Thanks for keeping us abreast of good deals. -Eastlyn


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