Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Linkfromblog Payment

It's been two weeks since I last posted my second payment from Linkfromblog where I earned $67.00 (minus fees) within three days of bidding and writing articles for them. I actually want to withdrew this since last week but there's a bug that was messing up their system so I sent them a message and luckily they fixed it yesterday and I was able to withdrew it.

To be able to get task, you have to bid on their list of projects. You can see it by clicking the "offer" link and from there, you can bid on the project you want to write. Advertisers will offer the lowest amount they could get but you have the option to bid the highest or the maximum amount that they are willing to pay. I always bid on the maximum. Some advertiser will negotiate so it's up to you if you will accept it or decline the offer. I actually received a amount more than of what I have bid for lol. So it is depend on the traffic of your blog, the more traffic, the higher the pay.

I know it isn't that much but a little amount could add up in time. The cool thing that I like about linkfromblog is that. The approval of the task is fast and the moment it is approved, it is available for payment. You don't have to wait for thirty days or so to have been paid. The threshold is a little high but if you write a lot, you get your payment faster.

Below is the proof of payment. Don't hesitate to sign up, you can find the link from the badge below of this post.

Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #8BL59074VA612092W)

Sent by: Cyber Design
Buyer Email:
Payment Sent to:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Amount received: $81.00 USD
Fee amount: -$2.65 USD
Net amount: $78.35 USD

Date: Aug 18, 2010
Time: 02:11:35 PDT
Status: Completed

Subject: You've got money!
Note: Thanks for working with!
Payment Type: Instant
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  1. di pa ako umabot dito heheh... magkano pala rose ang min pay-out? .. hahah nagsign-up di binasa, LOL...

  2. Hi, I'm following back. Love the blog. Thanks for the tip. I'm having a blog hop today too - Catch a Wave Wednesday Blog Hop. Come check it out on

    Blogging Hints
    Busy Mom's Tips

  3. wow wow wow! i stopped doing reviews for them kasi sobrang barat! Glad you got your money there! pa jollibee naman dyan!

  4. congratulations!! laki naman ng fees..

  5. Wow!...buti ka pa madam,nagkakapera sa linkfromblog...ako, not a single cent kasi nakakatamad magbid...

  6. I have never tried LinkFromBlog before. I'm going to try it. I just hope they will approve my application. Thanks for the post and the information. God bless you all always.

  7. Paborito ka talaga ng LFB bading, ako kahit nag bid pa ako hindi mn lang tinanggap, yung cents lng tinggap waaa, sa kanila nalng yun.

  8. this post encourages me to be active again in LFB. i have an account long time ago. i earned only $5.their price is too low. I will try again. nice tips.
    have a great day!

  9. Wow! what an inspiring article. Thanks for the info.


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