Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Faces

My kids' new things when having a picture taken is "making faces". I find it really hard to make them smile these days lol.

Just me and my daughter hanging out at my father-in-law's front porch after wour short walk around the block. We didn't get to explore much because it rained that day.


  1. Pretty pa rin ni Rye kahit nag make face pa. bukas na ako bloghop ng maayos bading, grabe talaga ang tama ng virus ngayon sa akin.

  2. cute! love those faces....:)

    salamat sa dalaw sis sa mga comments din...natatawa ako don sa comment mo....nope, I did not finish my order....I have it to!

    yung chalk sis it does work...I always use it every summer....:)

    bukas na ako blog hop...sleepy head na kasi!

  3. hahahahaa!!That was a good one!!\(^0^)/ maganda pa rin!!

  4. your princess looks cute and beautiful even when making faces, Rose!

    Happy Thursday!


  5. The kid seems to be perfectly enjoying each moment being captured.... Awesome!!

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  6. hahaha..nakakatuwa naman si Rylie. ang galing mag making faces..hehehe

  7. Very cute pictures. Love the faces.

  8. I have the same problem with my hubby! :) But I think she's a cutie!!

  9. Funny shoots. pero cool na cool !

  10. Kids go through that phase in life when they prefer to make faces than smile in front of the camera. They think it's swell until they see themselves in the picture. They will not mind it for now since they think they are funny in the picture but when they get older, they will certainly dislike these kinds of pictures. Rylie is so funny in the pictures, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. kahit making faces ang drama ni rylie, super cute pa rin, pero mas pretty si mommy.. hihi..

  12. hehehhe...cute photos still... i forgot to link my nostalgia last Thursday..ngbrown out kasi sis..hehhe


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