Friday, June 25, 2010


I adore this fern that Michelle (my SIL) has in her garden. Isn't that gorgeous? I have seen so many of this when I was growing up in the Philippines but I never paid attention as they were lots of them in there. I just now had the chance to appreciate its beauty.
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  1. sabi nila kinakain daw ang mga ito at ginagawang sald... how true???

  2. We had a lots of them..they give more extra green colors in the garden...

  3. Ferns are really beautiful indeed especially if they are bunched with beautiful flowers. Almost all flower arrangements are enhanced aesthetically by the addition of gorgeous ferns. Hindi nga lang natin masyadong pinapansin dito sa Pinas dahil sa dami nila na makikita sa anumang kalupaan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Wow, ganda ng fern. I haven't got that kind. I have two growing in the garden but different kinds. Great captures.

  5. nice fern, it blended well with flowers.. teka me fern nga ba na vegie as in pwede lutuin?

  6. love the ferns, but my faavorite flower is the tiger lilly.


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