Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Hi there folks, how's your Memorial day celebration. We did not go out the house until 2 pm today. We dropped by at the Blue Star Memorial, a newly built place dedicated to the Armed Forces that have defended the country.

This was funded by the Weirton Steel company to honor all the veterans from WV who served the military.

My husband explained to the kids the importance of these people who are listed on this wall, their sacrifices and their dedication.

I just find it odd that veterans here in WV are not given any special privilege like discount from stores and other entities. When you go to other State like Ohio or PA, veterans like my husband is given a 10% discount on purchases and the retirement pay is not taxable unlike here in WV where retirement is being taxed.

But anyhow, we proceeded to JCP and bought the kids some clothing and I got hubs an advanced father's day present. Then on the way home, we visited Dad and stayed there till 7 pm. The two men talked about military while we were there.


  1. Okay rin pala memorial day ninyo bading you find time to commemorate the american heroas in your own little way. Wala talagang tax dito sa PA kaya nga pag may mga big sale nagbabyahe mga taga ohiap minsan canada pa para lng makabili ng sale.

  2. It's good to educate our children of how important the past is.


  3. If you can't fight them, may be you should consider moving to another state where they treat our heros better.

  4. i really don't know about what is memorial day and so ashamed of myself with that. i only read in different blogs about it..

  5. I loved reading this....and enjoyed the photos with your entry. Excellent.

    My Ruby Tuesday is RED ROSES for a Blue Gent!! I do hope you can drop in for a visit; if you have the time.

  6. Hi Rose, dropping by here.. love these photos... great heroes of the past honored....

  7. Ganun??? Kung malapit lang yang PA punta din ako dyan dahil no tax pala dyan. Dito sa MI lahat may tax pati na pag putol nang buhok mo, grabe!! Happy Tuesday!

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  8. Happy Memorial Day to you all. You have your FIL and your husband to greet on this momentous event in the USA. Both have served their countries well and deserved to be honored. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. chubs.. greetings.. i notice that you write paid posts here.. please do email me for further details if you want to write a piece for 10usd ..

    my email is reanact@gmail(dot)com

  10. buti kau nakalabas bading...kami sa bahay lang....ehehehhee!


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