Monday, May 31, 2010

Help your child be Math Confident

Math is one one of my favorite subjects in Elementary and High school but when I was in college and grad school, I didn't like it anymore... its too complicated lol. My husband is very good with Math and I guess Rylie inherit that from him. Math is one of Rylie's favorite thing to learn. She knows Addition well and last month, I introduce her to subtraction.

To make it easier for her. I wrote the numbers and I let her figure out the answer by making her draw some objects that represents the number and from there she could figure out the difference. She did really good on our first session.
Below is a photo and a parenting tip article from that could come in handy for you and your child.
Does your child like math just as much as Brussels sprouts? If math doesn’t come easy to your little one, there are ways to help without hiring a tutor. Browse through our selection of practical math tips to find ones perfectly suited for your young one’s tastes and interests. Soon, he might not even realize he just learned to add using apples from your fridge!

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  1. saludo ako sa parenting skills mo badingding....papa punta ko si Akesha jan para sali sya sa session nyo ni rye...ehehehe!

    Math is not my fave at all....hubby taught math a few years ago...and that's his cup of tea...not!

  2. hah i love this post..
    kids are not that hard to teach if we know how child psychology works..
    So not make it too hard for the,... we can do it in a very fun and simple way..

  3. I love this kind of ad post, very subtle hindi halata, lol. Mabuti naman at very interested si Rylie sa math kasi yan ang subject na hindi gusto nang maraming estudyante, lol. Alam kong ikaw ay magaling sa math, magaling sa pagbilang nang pera galing sa opps, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. thanks for sharing parenting tip.. I don't love math period.. haha..

  5. Thanks for the comments guys..

    KUya Mel, di po ito ads hehehe, dinagdagan ko lang ng article from kaya mukhang ad lol..

  6. wow galing ni rye.... imagine mo nasa 20 na sya hehehe...

    I hope Andrea will be as smart as rye... kapag hindi pwede na rin as smart as mom waheheheh joke lang

  7. Wow! That's a HUGE confidence :)

    Didn't know math can be so much fun!

  8. my maia just turned 2. she likes counting A LOT! and can already count up to 20. i dont know if that is any indication if she will be good in math or not. i just hope hindi siya mana sa akin na bokya sa math...hahaha!

    galing mo, mommy! keep up the good work!

  9. Allergy ako sa Math Ateh, umiwas akong mgtake ng Engineering dahil sa Math. Ngunit ang kinauwian lalong mas madaming Math sa IT (huhuhu)

    I tagged you here pala I'm Tagged

  10. New follower from FMBT. Please drop by my blog and follow back.

    Have a wonderful week,

  11. I'm now following you through Follow Me back Tues. Love the set up of our blog. Easy to read

  12. I am very lousy in Math, luckily my husband is good, and he passed the genes to the kids.


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