Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lOOk Out!

Be careful when using restroom tissues as you may not see bugs like this one. I used the restroom of one of the establishment that i visited and this is what I saw when I looked on the roll of tissue. So lOOk out!


  1. oh, you are so quick with your camera shutter.. quicker than the bugs to get off with tissue.. galing mo sis.. alam mo ba, many times na nangyari sa kin na when something or anything happened, i always regret later why i didn't take picture at once.

  2. Yuk, paano nlang kung hindi titingin waaaa. salbahis na bug sa tissue pa dumapo, naghahanap ng malinis.

  3. if my sis is there im sure she will be jumping out from the toilet LOL

  4. Baka nakigamit din rose,baka di pa sya tapos,nung naabotan mo cya.hehehe:)


  5. My advise..better bring our own tissue..

  6. Yikes, Looks like a Stink Bug...
    gave me the willies
    A great day to ya

  7. It looks like a harmless spider, nothing to worry about. Women are just too queasy with bugs when most of them are harmless anyway. You can just shoo it away and it will go peaceably. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. ew! i hate creepy crawlers!!! yeah, better bring your own...


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