Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Gnomes: Who Took them?

I was taking some photos of my dianthus yesterday when I noticed that my two garden gnomes were gone. I was like "Where did my gnomes go?" I asked the kids if they take it even if I know that they won't play with it and they said no.
Yup, those were my garden gnomes that was stolen by whoever wants to beautify their yard. I took the above photo last week. I never thought that that would be the last picture of my garden with them.
I have several color of dianthus, I love them because not only they are gorgeous, they also comes back every year.

To the thief: I hope that your garden will look pretty with the gnomes that you stole from me.

Speaking of thief, my FIL got robbed by the people that he helped with and gave shelter and food for a couple of days. After asking for money, they still had the nerve to stole one of my FIL's precious collection.

What is wrong with people these days? You tried to help them and everything and still, its not enough and will still rob you. Goodness sakes! We're just glad that they did not hurt Dad. The thieves took advantage of Dad's generosity and kindness.


  1. Hi,

    Too bad about your gnomes. Hopefully the person that took them will have the decency to return them. Your flowers are beautiful. Just to make you smile, I do think I saw one of your gnomes on a TV commercial for Travelocity.

  2. ay talaga ka sis, ninakawan ka pati FIL mo? but u know what, this news is not something new to me anymore. ninakawan rin kami before and we had this inkling that we knew the person kasi alam niya pasikotsikot here sa house like kung san siya dadaan and all. oh well, i believe in karma!

  3. my gosh....pati gnomes pinagtripan...waaaaa...kala ko may fence na kau sis....or sa front nyo to....kakainis kaya...ang mahal pa naman ng gnomes...kaya d ako makabili...kasi mahal....lol!

    waaaaaaaa...sad to hear about your FIL sis...my gosh...ang tao nga naman....mga alang utang loob naman yung nag robbed sa kanya....sana makonsimisyon ang mga yon...

    si FIL ko pala he lives 1 hour away from us....kaya minsan lang kami nagkikita....wish we live next door to him...ehehhehe

  4. sorry to hear this sis.. ka-sad naman nawala garden gnomes at yung ngyari with your FIL. mahirap mag-trust talaga these days..

  5. tsk tsk... too bad... don't worry... karma will get to him/her soon!

  6. Very sad about your gnomes, they do tend to wander off from time to time. Hopefully, they will make their way back home.

  7. This is dreadful. Not only are your gnomes gone but your FIL...how terrible to be so taken advantage of and be so unappreciated. Don't worry, those who steal will get theirs in the end. God commands NOT to steal. All will be set straight someday. Maybe the thieves will grow hearts someday and at least ask forgiveness.

  8. Sad when people lowers to this level. Stealing lovely, little figures from a front yard. A good thing though that your dianthus were left untouched.
    I love flowers that keep coming back without any big demands..

  9. What a rotten thing to do. I just can't understand the mind of a thief.

    I've entered a major international photo competition (details are on my blog) and would be most grateful if you'd click through and rate my portfolio (just click on the stars at the bottom (preferably the 5th star - "fantastic" - LOL), easy

  10. Oh my goodness! hala ka! So sorry to hear that mommy... oh my goodness! The nerves of those stupid people rubbing your FIl after being nice to them... you certainly can't fully trust people these days.

    And so sorry about your gnomes as well. We have dogs here that steals our stuff and my favorite pair of gloves got stolen... waaaaaaaa those were my best gloves too.. huhuhuh... I hope things are well with you guys now.

    Mommy by the way, I already managed to delete the remixmax that was on my blogroll. I sure didn't know how it ended there, but hopefully there will be no problems on my blog now. Glad you told me about it! Thanks!

    Adin B

  11. Do try to not worry about your gnomes, they might have gone to the pub and are sleeping it off on a park-bench somewhere! Happy Ruby Tuesday <3

  12. I have never seen such beautiful flowers in full bloom. Looks like you have a green thumb kaya nagpo flourish ang flowers sa garden mo. Sino naman kayang makati ang kamay na kumatok nang garden gnomes mo? Baka kinuha ni Shrek ang mga apo niya? lol. Kawawa naman ang FIL mo na matapos tumulong sa strangers ay pinagnakawan pa. Talagang laganap na ang kasamaan sa mundo ngayon. Ingat lang kayong lahat palagi at huwag masyadong magtitiwala sa strangers. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. I'm sorry about your gnomes. Or maybe your gnomes wandered away and will be back in a few days. (he-he-he)

  14. Sorry to ehar about the bad new badingding. Grabe nman yang magnanakaw na yan ang tahimik ng neighborhood ninyo hindi na nahiya. sana yung nag nakaw ng gnome mo nag bablog ano para mabasa niya to at isauli hehehe.

    Bakla i love your flower, kung mgakapasyal ako sa inyo bigyan mo ako ng mga ganyan itatanim hehehe huminga ba naman waaa.

  15. Sorry to hear of someone helping themselves to your gnomes. As the keeper of a Gnome Empire I would be quite upset to have 2 gnomes go missing.

    What a shame that your FIL was robbed by the people he helped. It just goes to show some people don't really don't have any morals at all. I'm glad he wasn't hurt!

  16. It's hard to trust people these days talaga! Good thing, your father-in-law wasn't hurt. I'm sorry to hear about your flowers, too. I have an award for you, by the way!

  17. HIndi kaya nangibang bahay yung mga gnomes? hehehe

  18. Ano ba yan! Tinulungan na e nag nakaw pa. It's hard to just trust people talaga kaya ingat lnag palagi jan. Dito rin sa pinas may mga ganyan.


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