Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SICK.. both of them..

I thought that it was only my son that's sick when I got up this morning but our daughter is too. They are both fevered although Rylie did not vomit but their fever were both 103. They did not feel a little better until this evening, hopefully the bath help their fever subside. I kept wiping a cold rug on their body this morning and had them drink a lot of fluids.
It was a little funny because my son is like me, he doesn't like medicine or doctors or going to the hospital (exactly me). So when he was resistant of what I was doing, I told him that I need to do it or else I have to take him to the doctor and the doctor will give him the meds and a bobo. So he let me do it, he also eat, drink water, and take his medicine.
I made them their favorite alphabet and number pasta with carrots and celery with soup. Hopefully, they will be fine tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers guys! Gotta hit the bed now too since I was short with my sleep last night, well its almost midnight now anyway lol.. So goodnight everyone. Thanks again for the visits and comments!


  1. Get well soon to EJ and Rye!Paiba-iba yata ang panahon dyan eh noh?Ikaw din take care,mahirap magkasakit ang Mama.

  2. Hirap talaga bading opag mga anak na may sakit ano, kami rin dito dalwang baby may sakit din. Hope they will feel better soon.

  3. oh my babies, i hope they're feeling well now..

  4. sana gumaling agad ang mga angels mo.:)

  5. hope your kids get well soon :)

  6. waaaaa..kala ko si EJ lang ang may lagnat...sila palang dalawa ni Rye...oh my...sana magaling na sila ngayon sis....

    super maalaga talaga ka talaga bakla...ulirang ina award goes to you...eheheh!

    blog hop lang me muna sis...malayo pa ang lalakbayin ko....gosh, musta ang weather jan? dito kasi samin umuulan eh...so weird!

  7. get well soon Rye & EJ....hope they feel better now...

    Thanks for joining I Love Pink:-) have a great weekend!


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