Monday, April 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow

We had a tree like this one in front of our yard and my FIl had one at the back of our yard. It is pretty when Spring is just starting because the flowers just blooms in spurts but it don't last very long though.
A flower given by SIl to my FIl last Easter. It smells so good that I turned into a bumble bee there for while lol (just kidding.)
Hope everyone are having a bright and wonderful start of the week. I am now signing off for now, good night folkzzzzzzzzz.. See y'all tomorrow.


  1. What a lovely yellow tree :)

  2. Spring na nga!!I love flowers blooming everywhere!!

    re:hinde pa rin ako sanay,Ate Rose..malunkgot din minsan kasi ako lang mag-isa sa bahay.Tapos pag namamalengke ako,wala akong akay akay na makulit lol!Yan din ang napag-usapan namin ni Niko nung kelan lang...

  3. That's very attractive!Perfect for MYM!

  4. That's very attractive!Perfect for MYM!

  5. That's very attractive!Perfect for MYM!

  6. Blossoming golden,
    forsythia enriches
    all who behold it.

    Choose some yellow:
    Gold grass
    Yellow gum creature!

  7. This bush is really pretty. I have 3 of them in front of the house and I enjoy looking at them. Happy weekdays Mommy Rose!

    BlueMonday~Blue Jars

  8. Wow that is pretty yellow flower...happy MYM!

    Mine is here

  9. No, the forsythia doesn't last long. My three bushes are already all green.
    Lovely shots!

  10. ganda ng entry mo sis...very pwetty....hehheheh! korek, parang panadalian lang yung spring flowers eh....:)

  11. Those are beautiful yellow flowers although wala pa akong nakitang ganyan sa Pinas. Magaganda nga ang mga flowers sa States siguro dahil sa klima. Kaya napakaganda nang season of spring diyan kasi duon umpisang nagbu bloom ang mga iba't ibang klaseng mga bulaklak. Thanks for the Mellow Yellow Monday post. God bless you all always.

  12. Lovely flowers bakla. you remind me to take pictures of our nieghbors flower like this hehehe.

  13. oh wow, sooo yellow naman nito sis, walang mix..hehe..
    di pa makabloghop ng maayos. sobrang init dito sis,,huhu


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