Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life of a Rose

Before going back here in the mainland, we've visited the lake that we love to go for a walk every weekend. I took a lot of photos and just saved them in my archive. I will be showing them to you this month. Isn't the life of Rose wonderful? From buds to .. (I don't know how you call it when all the petals fall off already).. is still beautiful.

Have a great and blessed Sunday everyone.


  1. Beautiful post, dear!

    Have a great and blessed Sunday, too!

  2. Beautiful soft colors. Like you, I also even the fallen petals!

    Enjoy your weekend (inspite of the snow)

  3. You can compare the life of a rose with ours. We are born, blossom (hopefully0 and pass away.

    Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing.

  4. That's a beautiful rose and I like seeing the life cycle too.

  5. Napakagaganda nga nang mga roses na nakunan mo nang litrato sa Korea. They come in all colors. But the most beautiful rose among them all is still the Rose of Donsol- ikaw yun, hehehe, lol. Kaya naman hindi nagdalawang isip si John na pitasin ang Rose na yun, hehehe, lol. That Rose will continue to blossom in the household of the Cottrills together with the rosebud named Rylie and will blossom more in the blog world. Thanks for the rosy post. God bless you all always.

  6. Beautiful variety! Good capture, Rose! :)

  7. Para ring life mo bading ganda, rose ka kasi lol. despite of the thorns umusbong pa rin ang beauty, parang ikaw bakla ahh hehe. pabinyag ako rose pangalan ko or tulips lol.

  8. Hi!

    these are lovely. they make me miss the warmer weather all the more. I can't wait to see blooms in a few months.

    thanks a lot for the greetings for my husband's b-day. have a great week ahead!


  9. This post mirror your good perspective. Focusing on the lovely flower and not minding the thorns. ",)

  10. what a beautiful rose, just as sweet and as beautiful as you..

  11. Pretty roses. I love the colour. Great shots

  12. I love Rose,especially the color peaches, they are my ultimate favorite!!
    Today's Flower

  13. Ganda ng flowers sis, love it, thanks for the visit, hope you will also vote for my other blog, Bacolod and Beyond

    was nominated as Filipino Blog for the week

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    Thanks again...

  14. roses are always beautiful, and so are you =)


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