Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chicken Adobado

I miss the chicken adobado that my father used to cook when I was growing up. Of course his version of it is better because he uses a native chicken that we use to raise.
I tried making it the other day with the available ingredients I have.

You need:

a can of coconut milk
chicken wings or breast or you can use one whole chicken and chop it up.
onion, garlic, and lemon grass
Chilli pepper (optional)
green papaya
Salt and pepper to taste

Just boil the coconut milk together with onion, garlic, chicken, and lemon grass, stirring it occasionally so that the coco milk won't get lump. If the chicken meat is tender, that's when you put the papaya and let it cook. You can serve it with rice when it's done. Ahhh tasted so good. If the Thai have chicken curry, my version is chicken adobado. YUM!


  1. parang chicken curry ba?...mukhang masarap ah...hmmm thinking of food again ay nako mahirap mag-diet pag-malamig....kamusta na Rose..?
    daan lang dito nag-hanap nang-maluluto para ako sa chicken adobado mo...hehehehe

  2. I love to explore new recipes from 'new to me' faraway cultures. Your recipe sounds wonderful. I have never used lemongrass or papaya do I know if the lemongrass is fresh, the papaya too?
    I would love to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing your Dad's recipe.
    God Bless U

  3. Ibang klaseng luto nga ito nang manok kaysa sa chicken adobo. Parang adobo sa gata na may green papaya. Masarap nga siguro ang lasa nito although hindi ko pa natitikman ito. Maaring kahawig nga ito nang chicken adobo sa gata. Mukhang masarap yung nasa litrato, hehehe. Nagutom tuloy ako, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Sarap naman nito bakla, ang sabaw im sure gusto ng mga kabaranggay mo. akala ko adobo abodabo pala lol

  5. Wow! sarap naman nito sis.. try ko nga..


  6. naku sis, i-bookmarked ko toh, sounds adobo, pero am sure mas masarap sa adobo.. kopyahin ko recipe, i'll see kung magaya ko.. i'll blog it later.. :D

  7. i'm not a fan of chicken dishes pero this one sounds really yum! copy ko recipe mo, Momi :)

  8. Gotta try this one...looks delicious!

  9. sarap naman nang adobo mo dito rose :-)

  10. Looks so delicious Mare na nakakagutom tingnan. My family loves adobong manok also kahit minsan lang akong makapagluto nito dito sa japan.Happy Cooking! hugs!


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