Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Curtain

This is mostly the scene you will see around our neighborhood. Every time I let Champ outside, I am scared that one of these icicles will fall and hit our dog.
My husband took these photos when we had our doctor's appointment.

I would like to greet my husband a happy happy birthday today! He would be tickled if you can head over to his blog and greet him.


  1. oh, that must be scary. don't let champ go out with these view of icicles aboutto fall. btw, my online friend finds your post about champ scolded outside your house, as super duper cute..

    happy birthday to your husband john.. more blessings for your family to come..

  2. What a lovely cold sight of those icicles.

  3. Awesome picture! Happy Outdoor Wednesday

  4. Great photos, brrr, they do look cold!

  5. Nakakatakot nga yung mga icicles na yun hindi lang sa aso ninyong si Champ kundi pati sa mga anak ninyo. Parang tabak ni Damocles yan na nakaumang na at naghihintay na lamang na bumagsak. Kailangang maalis agad lahat yan para maging safe sa tao at hayop. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Ganda ng pangalan bakla ahh ice curtain lol. bukas pakita ko sa ang ice post on our roof lol.

  7. living in a place with snow could be lovely but can be scary too! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your husband!

    Sis I have also included you in this award:

  8. What a great title of your post! There has been a lot of snow back East. Take care! Keep champ indoors for now.

  9. looks pretty....kakatakot nga pag mahulugan si Champ nyan...nako!

  10. God forbid naman Mare, wawa naman si champ.You all be safe.God Bless!Belated Happy Birthday again to your hubby!

  11. Love the ice curtain...but it does look a little scary!


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