Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful Blogger, Am I?

Kha and the author of Simple Thoughts gave me this award, thanks a lot sis. But wait, this is called a Beautiful Blogger award, Am I one?
As a requirement I have to list 7 things about me.

  1. I prefer fish more than meat.
  2. I love veggies.
  3. I like working out but a little lazy these days lol.
  4. I am not fond of chocolates
  5. I love any kind of nuts
  6. I collect mugs
  7. I don't like cooking then but now I do
I am sharing this to the following beautiful bloggers Shy Bakla, Dhemz, Nuts, Tita Beng, Sheng, Jac, Seiko, Clang, Cacai, Maria, Liz, Ate Ces, Leah, Ibyang, Lulu, Kate, Bams, Anne, AC, Kero, Marice, Golden, A.Marie, Ate Lita, Anney, Chris, Khim, Kathy, Ate Eden, Ate Weng, Tokaya, and YOU who is reading this.


  1. AW! Thank you for thinking of me amongst these other bloggers :o) So fun to read lists like these with an award (aka blog hug)...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I am so behind on posting thankyous for past may be a little bit when I get this one posted, but I will be sure to let you know.)

  2. I know I am beautiful so I deserve this... waaaa ang kapal ng mukha!!!! pero seriously salamat....

  3. sagot muna ako... "But OF COURSE!!! You're beautiful, Ate Rose!!!"

    First po, thank you sa pag warn sa akin ha about payingpost... buti po wala pa akong nagawa para sa kanila..

    Secondly, SUPER THANKS po for this award.. This is my 2nd award, the first one is from Ate Liz which I haven't got yet.. =) Naging busy sa Valentines stories eh.. I'm a certified blogger na, nakakakuha na ako ng awards.. hihihi...

    Thanks po again, Ate Rose... mwuah!!!

  4. i really deserved this!! lol.. i'll work for this, happy weekend!!

  5. beauty? lam ko na yon! lol, my blog, beauty din? ah di ko sure hahahaha.

    Thank you Rose, sweet mo naman at kasali ako..hehe muahh! sure i'll grab it and daghan salamat..o bisaya yan ha?!

    anyway, doon na lang sa email ang add na hinihingi mo baka kasi maraming sumulat sa akin lol eh luko-luko pa naman tong mga taga post office namin dito kasi kahit card lang ang pinapadala, di pa nakakarating sa amin hehehehe...give me your address too para masaya..haha

    kissses sa 2 cute kids...

    happy weekend

  6. Waaaa mabuang ko sa comment ni mamilu, parang ako beatiful din lol waaaa. nakikisakay. thanks bakla alam mo talaga kung sino mga beautiful ano waaaa, grabe nato hindi ko na mabuhat ulo ko sa sobrang laki lol.

  7. Rose, salamat sa award ha kahit na di ako deserving hehehe, para lang to sa magagnda eh :-)...

  8. thanks for the award!! its been while since I got one :D will post this soon :D mwah!

  9. Allow me to give you an answer first. Yes you are Rose! You are absolutely a beautiful blogger!

    Thank you so much for including me in in your list of recipients. Wari daw beautiful din ako. ha ha..

    Musta celebration ng bday ni John?

  10. Hi sis! Thanks for the award. *hugs*

    I prefer fish over meat too. And yes, I love all kinds of nuts. :)

    Lots of love,

  11. Sorry Rose, paki-delete na lang yung last line ko. he he.. hindi yata si john ung nag-b-day. he he..

  12. aw sis, you are definitely beautiful. hugs to you & your lovely family!

  13. Manang kow.. thanks ha.. hehe.. maganda pala ako.. nyahaha.. ilagay ko to sa CMP blog ko Manang ha.. kelangan ba ang linky sa pag-repost? wla kaming linky eh.. lol... joke lang Manang kow.. I'll be back to give my thank you post.. ~hugs~

  14. Ang sweet mo talaga sis!!! Thank you sa award hugs!!

  15. Hi Rose!

    Same here, I prefer fish than meat. Basta yong isda lang sa dagat, not freshwater fish..hehehe

    Thanks sa award. I will post it soon.

  16. Rose,
    Thank you for the Beautiful Blogger Award you gave me. It's my second in my almost 6 months blogging.
    I'll work for the passing on of the award in the next few days. Lots of love and hugs, Ate Lita.

  17. hehehehehe! oo maganda rin ako pala..hehehe thanks!

    ako isda rin not chocolate except hershey..
    I love mugs as you do...but im not collecting it...hehehehe

  18. Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing it with me. xoxo

    If you don't like chocolates, just throw them over my way okay? Hahaha! I am a certified chocolate addict.

  19. Ay naku mare ang saya naman :D
    And I'm on the list parang malapit na rin akong maniwala lol.Thyanks for including me gonna post it for sure.Happy Sunday!
    Btw,I believe you are Marce,you're absolutely beautiful in & out so please keep it up.Hugs!

  20. Well of course, you are beautiful! And beautiful bloggers like us do deserve this award! Hahaha!

    Thanks for this, Rose!

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  21. Thank you so much Mare for this award :D & congrats din!.Will post this as soon.God Bless!Warm hugs!

  22. Hi Rose!

    It's posted now! Thanks again!

  23. OO naman beautiful ka! Maraming salamat at na include ako dito sa listahan mo ng magaganda! ahihihi!

  24. congratulations on the award.

    wishing you a great week ahead!

  25. Thanks for always including me =) i missed your blogs,been MIA for days.. im back hehe

  26. Syempre sagot muna"YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!^_^ at syempre dapat din magpasalamat dahil nasa listahan ako ng mga magaganda lol!!Thanks po!!

  27. Here's my beautiful post Manang Rose {:-)}:

    Thankie... ~hugs~

  28. hello Rose...
    thanks again posting it now...
    happy thursday...

  29. yes you are!!no doubts!inside and out!hehehe...sagot q sa post mo hahaha.. tnx for the tip ate..ciao!


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