Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowy Flowers

It's been snowing here the whole week. Right now, our temp is 15 degrees. What makes it more worse is the cold wind blowing in. Gosh, I just want to cuddle in my mink blanket the whole day lol. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year celebration. Sharing these photos I took with Today's Flowers.
Rose bush


  1. Kapal pala ng snow diyan sa inyo bading, dito nag snow rin pero hindi ganyan kakapal.

    btw, bading pwedi pa add ng milestones at simple happylife blog ko sa blogs mo. hehehe thanks. Happy New year!

  2. It looks cold, cold, cold. I'd want to stay under the blanket, too.

  3. hello mami rose....

    di naman gaanong malamig dito... wala kaming snow which i wish really really

    so far today ang pinaka cold these holidays 20's lang naman ...

    thanks for your visits... hapi new year to ya'll

  4. So pretty. wish i could capture like that too. i love the snow but i dont know if i could stand the cold..lolz..

  5. Dito sa amin ang lamig rin... wala ring tigil ang pag-i-snow.

    Happy new year!

  6. white christmas talaga! wow, hehe, sarap naman.. i will definitely stay the whole day in bed kung dyan lang ako.. naku, sis, ed rosy cheeks ka na lalo niyan i can feel from here kung gano ka lamig dyan.

  7. HAHAHA kawawa naman ang mga flowers naging mga snow pero maganda pa rin tingnan...dito sa Davao Rose, para kang nasa loob ng oven..sobrang init

    TY sa comment hehehe

  8. I think flowers in the snow are so beautiful. Great shots.

  9. cosy love! not really...hehehe but what is the choices...?

    dropping by lang,
    anyway...nice photos...Rose..

  10. ohh so sorry about these frozen flowers...i hope they will bloom again....sana di pa dead...

    mine is here

  11. Looks very cold there. Great photos.

  12. I love the fresh powdery white! Brrr, it looks very chilly! I look forward to spring when the roses bloom!

    Happy New Year!

  13. It's wintertime for sure..
    Thank you for sharing your lovely snowy pictures.
    Happy New Year.

  14. Wow! And here, in Brasil is very, very hot. We can not bear being without air conditioning, is almost 40.

    You got beautiful pictures.

    Happy 2010 to you and your family.

  15. missing your visits, friend! ;) BTW, belated Happy New Year!

  16. sarap naman. kailan kaya ako makakaexperience ng snow? lol!

    happy new year, Tokaya! sorry now lang ako ulit nakadalaw. i got so busy last holiday season.pati site ko napabayaan ko kaya ayun pr2 ako. waah!

    i was trying to send you ecard sa cutiesfriend last Christmas pero bumabalik email ko. wala daw ganoong email add.

  17. Hi Sis! happy New Year! Parang ice cream yung snow.. hehe.. sarap papakin!

    Thanks for always visiting...

  18. You captured them beautifully! but it give me chill just looking at that much snow.

  19. Gorgeous! I'm a little jealous of all that snow :)

  20. Grabe ang snow sa inyo, napakakapal. Kawawa naman yung mga tanim mong rose. Mukha ngang napakalamig. Talagang mahirap makapag adjust ang mga Pinoy sa sobrang lamig. Paakap ka na lang kay John at sa mga bata para hindi ka masyadong lamigin, lol.
    Thanks for the brrr post. God bless you all always.

  21. ayay...snowy talaga sa inyo sis ano....have you ever tried to shovel the snow? hirap kaya yon ano?...para kayong nasa wonderland,....ehhehehe!

  22. wow i like snow..ganda pagmay snow diba Rose, wag lang masyadong lamig.Our right now is -20 degrees, and its blowing cold. I don't like the cold but i like the snow. kapal din pala snow dyan sa inyo.

  23. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  24. I can't wait to see that rose bush when winter is over...


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