Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Migraine... Greeting cards and gifts... Direct TV.. etc.

I slept with a mile migraine the other night but I did not take any meds hoping that it will subside when I woke up but I was wrong because I got up at 3 am with a heavy one. It was so bad that I threw up, then last night it occurred to me that it was because it is time for me to have my monthly "guest." I was right because this morning "Lady Red" came by.

On the lighter note, I received more greeting cards and a package from friends and family. The author of Life is Good and Beautiful, Small and Simple Things, and Kitchen.. the Heart of our Home sent me very nice presents. Thanks a lot Ate Cecil, I was so surprised! The top fits me perfectly too.
Special thanks to the following for the greeting cards; Mommy Lulu of Bits and Pieces of My Life, Mads Fe of Around nature Spring, Liz of Couple's Corner, My sister Yheng, Ate Cecil, and my sister in law. Thank you so much guys.
Somebody from Direct TV will hook our satellite connection tomorrow so we will be out the whole day. Can't wait till Thursday for our transfer. We went to the store today and bought our groceries and I was surprised that we spent a lot but our refrigerator was not even filled hahaha. Oh boy, the prices of everything is rising up a lot.


  1. ayay! apir tau sis...lady in red came to visit to me too...hehehe....:)

    wohooo....super bait talaga ni ateCes...:)

    drop muna ako ng EC sis....d pa ko tapos blog hopping...waaaaa....sige...hope to chat with you later...mwah!

  2. Hello sis..Thanks for the comment sa pics of my baby with Santa..Had migraine last Saturday night also. I didn't know it was a migraine until Jeff told me. I didn't took any meds just went to bed. Take care and have a happy and wonderful new year

  3. Super bait talaga ni cecile and all the bloggy mommy.

    Take meds bakla para mawala sakit sa ulo. Galing ko mag advice ng gamot pero ako i hate taking meds hehehehe

  4. i hope you're fine now.. quick visit and drop lang...

  5. hope you're feeling much better today dear!

    happy new year to you & to your family!

  6. wow! really nice cards and presents! godbless sis! have a bountiful new year!

  7. hehehehe! sinasadya yata ..ahh
    okey lang after new year nalang ang suprise ni hb...hehehe!
    thanks for shaking me up ha...oo nga I feel so old na when I see my kids growing so fast not done anything yet together with them...
    pwede hingi email mo Rose...?

    thanks and happy red new year!...hehehe

  8. Hay naku, I went to the grocery today too. Siempre dapat puno ang ref at pantry for the new year.

  9. Happy New Year too to you and your family Rose. Kasama sa buhay yung pagsakit nang ulo pero pag naging persistent ang sakit ay kailangan nang magpatingin sa doktor. Buti na lang the red flag is up lang pala, lol. You are so blessed kasi marami ang nagmamahal sa iyo at sa pamilya mo. Dapat lang dahil very thoughtful at kind ka rin sa mga kaibiagan mo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. oi pare-pareha lang pala tayo nang date sa ating visitor.. akin ay the other day.. before that day I felt so very cold and wanted to throw 'yon nmn pala.. sge Manang Rose.. enjoy the red flag.. heheh.. :-)

  11. Daming gifts natin Mare ha hehehe same here i received gifts & Christmas cards/postcards from other Mommy Bloggers. I'm so thankful and happy. hugs!

  12. glad you are feeling better now...red flag always gives me headache every time :-(

    you are most welcome, Rose and thanks for your friendship :-)!

  13. HI there, how is it going? ok ka na ba? naku, kapag ako eh may migraine, susme, naiiyak ako sa sakit ng ulo. lately eh allergy at sinus ang pumapatay sa kain, hehehe.. Take care and kisses to the kiddos

  14. Glad to have friends to treasure!!^_^

    Happy 2010 to you and your family,Ate Rose!!^_^

  15. HAppy new year! san ba kayo sa Maryland pumunta? andito kami sa fort meade..

    Surviving Deployment

    A new beginning


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