Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here's the icicles hanging at the side roof of our back porch. I am anxious when the snowing will stop, we still have snow everyday. Yesterday, the sun shine a little bit so those icicles melted but last night, it got so cold again and when I looked this morning, there are some again.



  1. Icicles are so cool! Happy O.W....

  2. Icicles can be cute, but dangerous if it hits your head, hehehe..

  3. When icicles form, it is too cold for me. However, yours really made a great showing for today's Outdoor Wednesday.

  4. Those are lovely shots. I love to look at pictures of icicles, but I prefer not to see them in real life!

  5. Your icicles are very pretty! I hope that you and the chikldren are staying warm and cozy :-)

    Happy Out Door Wednesday!

  6. very cold looking! Thanks for visiting..

  7. I love your icicles too! Just make sure they do not fall on you.

  8. Great shot of the icicles! That's one thing we haven't seen too much of here yet.

  9. Beautiful pictures of icicles. I like looking at them but I'm glad they aren't hanging off my house...I'm ready for warmer temps.

    Thanks for coming by to visit me.~Debbie

  10. What long icicles! Beautiful pictures for a cold, winter day. Hope you're staying cozy. -Debbie

  11. Those ae beautiful pictures of the icicle, Rose! Wish I could take pictures of icicle too (just dreaming here! ) lolzzz


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